What we do/Our mission

The Anti-Intimidation and Ethical Practices Forum (AEPF) was created to assist professionals in certain fields who are being intimidated for exposing corruption in the workplace.

We also provide advice to potential whistle-blowers in the governance, accounting, auditing, business, risk management and related fields on how to blow the whistle safely, responsibly and effectively.

Who we are

The AEPF was formed in May 2014 by eight professional bodies who share a common concern about the rising levels of corruption in the country and the concomitant increase in the intimidation of the "guardians of governance" i.e. professionals who work in fields such as auditing, risk management and governance.

Objectives of the AEPF

Our objectives include:

Providing a platform for participating professional body members to raise their concerns about corruption and intimidation.
Educating members of participating professional bodies by providing practical advice, support and guidance to individuals who are intimidated and helping them to make protected disclosures responsibly.
Acting collectively to lobby government or governmental bodies to improve whistle-blower legislation and policies.
To be a collective professional voice calling for improved governance and greater accountability within the public and private sectors in SA.