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The Anti-intimidation and Ethical Practices Forum (AEPF)

The Anti-intimidation and Ethical Practices Forum's Sub Editorial Committee is responsible for the production of guidance on blowing the whistle safely as well as ethical practices, such as how to deal with ethical dilemmas.

The Sub Editorial Committee is in need of volunteers who are willing to:
Serve on the Committee; and/or
Serve on its task teams; and/or
Assist with sourcing funding and other resources; and/or
Be part of a database of experts from whom the Committee or its task teams can draw expertise or knowledge from time to time

Interested parties must complete the Volunteer Application form and indicate their area/s of interest. It is important to note that volunteers will not be remunerated for their services and are expected to commit enough time to secure their seat on the Committee or a task team.
As there are limited seats available on the Committee and task teams, applying to participate does not guarantee a seat. Applications will be reviewed by the Committee based on where its greatest expertise needs are.

Please click here for the AEPF Sub-editorial Volunteer Application Form.

For more information please contact:

Laverne Leibrandt, Department Head: Policy: The Institute of Internal Auditors South Africa
Tel: +27 11 450-1040 ext 214 | Email:

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